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The first four: Alexa Anderson (the judges' obvious favorite who made it to the green mile before), George Lawrence, Jr. (super cute contemporary dancer), Will Thomas (from LA, he's tall... idk), and Amber Jackson (tried out before, said she'd never come back, whatevs.) They danced a contemporary bench routine.

The ballroom trio: Nick Hehasalastname (cried before the judges even read the results), Whitney Carson and Lindsay Arnold (bffls from Utah). They danced a hot ballroom routine.

THE THREE MOTHERFUCKING BALLET DANCERS, Eliana Girard (gorgeous, flawless, she pole dances), Daniel Baker (hot Aussie who used to dane for the SF ballet), Chehon Wespi-Tschopp (slayed his Las Vegas solo). They danced a ballet routine. I cried.

Our jazz dancers: Tiffany Mayer (she has the same last name as John) and Audrey Case (her initials spell AC). Also, the first bellydancer to make the top 20 in SYTYCD history, Janelle Isis (you go girl) made the cut. Audrey and Tiffany danced a jazz routine. Janelle was too ill to participate. :(

It wouldn't be SYTYCD without moar contemporary dancers. Meet Matthew Kazmazak (they say he looks like Ryan Gosling... okay), Darien (he's short), Janea (I guess she doesn't have a last name either), and Amelia Lowe (she's quirky and Zooey loves her), they danced a contemporary routine. No benches.

Last are the three unique male dancers, Cole Haribe (martial arts guy, he's cute), Brandon Mitchell (stepper from Atlanta who I think has serious potential), and Cyrus Spencer (probably the weakest dancer. But he has personality for days.) They danced an amazing baseball routine. I was in love.

Sources: my TV, this YouTube channel, this review for names.
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